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We have been providing dogsledding rides, tours, instruction and multi-day trips since 1985.

"Thanks for showing me the best time of my life!" -- Morgan Spurlock
*star of "Supersize Me"

"I'll never forget the thrill."
Lawrence Kim, Anchorage, Alaska

"More than I could have imagined or hoped for!"
Marilyn Siemens, St. Louis, MO


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Brookelyn's new book The Frozen Toe Guide to Real Alaskan Livin': Learn how to
Survive Moose Attacks, Endless Winters, and Life Without Indoor Plumbing is
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3-30-22 Finally able to access my page !WHAT a winter.. excessive snow, rain, -40F,starving aggressive moose and areas too deep for snowmachines. But rides are available and mushing schools. Changes to mileage have had to understanding please. For your safety. Please visit Sled Dog Adventures on Facebook. Visit weekly to find out what is happening . Can visit the U of A History of Dogmushing Project where Kathy is featured and the Fairbanks Daily-News Miner Janaury 15, 2017. We love meeting people from around the world.

Alaskan dogmushing at its finest ! The romance of the north country has no greater thrill than flying down a snow-covered trail behind a team of powerful sled dogs.

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Mushing School - 2 -3 hours, $275 per person -
Learn to drive your own team!

"The best time of my life. Thank you so much."
- Nenand Balint, Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you for making my mushing trip more fabulous than my wildest dreams! "- Lilette Player, Seattle, Wa.

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"Thanks for showing me the time of my life! You're the greatest and you can rest assured that Alex and I will be coming back for one of your long overnight journeys! Until then, hope your trails are cold, hard and fast."
-- Morgan Spurloch (star of Supersize Me)



"I had one of the greatest adventures here. The feeling of going out into nature's horizon with such awesome animals was phenomenal. Thanks for such a great experience. I'll never forget the thrill."
Lawrence Kim, Anchorage, Alaska

"Great trip and loved the dogs! What a beautiful paradise to live in. Thanks for a fabulous day!"
- Andi & Tom Caruso, Jackson Hole, WY
 "We had a fabulous wilderness experience.  The dogs were super.  The trip matched our Uganda gorilla trek and 17 days in Antarctica." 
- Harriet & Dick Lewis, Great Neck, N. Y.
"What an excellent time we had ! You have such beautiful and sweet dogs - thank you for a great learning experience. We hope to be back."
- Mark and Kris Johnson, Everett, Wa
"Thanks for a wonderful adventure - great dogs, good food, and excellent company."
- Terry Clark, Chicago, Ill.

"Thanks so much for an awesome day. Your flexibility is so appreciated, and riding out on the river was beautiful!"
- Elize, Steve and Aviva Beringhouse, Norton MA

"This was the most amazing thing I think I have ever done. The dogs were beautiful and you and the trip were great. I will never forget this. Thanks!
- Ann from Atlanta, Ga

"Your experience, patience and friendliness has made this 'city girl's' first visit to the Alaskan wilderness a wonderful experience - more than I could have imagined or hoped for! The love you have for what you do shows on every aspect of the trip. For those wanting the "the real thing" - this is it. Many, many thanks for everything! (And special hugs to Lightning)
-Susan, St. Louis, MO
"I was so impressed and moved! I would like to try again in the future. I'll be back."
- Seigo Tsuchiya, Japan

The Alaska and Polar Regions Collections at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska is pleased to announce completion
of our latest multi-media oral history website: *Dog Mushing in Alaska
Project Jukebox.

Kathy's Photos

The story of dog mushing is an integral part of Alaskan history. Dog traction dates back to the prehistoric record when dogs were first used to pull loads. Dog teams were a vital part of the subsistence and trapping
economy in rural Alaska until the advent of snowmachines in the 1960s.

The Project Jukebox website features oral histories, historic film clips, and still photographs to highlight various aspects of dog mushing in Alaska.
Topics include: dog racing, dog breeding, village use of dogs, traveling and camping with dogs, dog teams and tourism, dog team mail carriers, old trails, and building sleds. You can access the site at
Dog teams were key to the gold rush and broad settlement of Alaska, including as
haulers of mail and supplies. Today sled dog races and recreational mushing are reminders of those early days when dog teams were essential to life in Alaska.


Sled Dog Adventures

Kathryn Lenniger, Owner
O Box 83601,Fairbanks, Alaska, 99708 USA

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